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What's Your Jewish Soundtrack?

I must admit, as healthy as it’s supposed to make me, I hate exercising. It bores me. So I have to watch TV while I rotate on the elliptical and lift weights.

Luckily for me, I live in the 21st century so I can watch pretty much anything that’s ever been created in the past 70+ years whenever I want. I’ve noticed that the opening music for a program is often correlated with whether it’s worth watching. In fact, the better the show, the more likely I am to resist ‘skipping’ the intro music. What are some of the shows that have the best intro music by me? Here are few: Parenthood, The Sopranos, The Crown, even Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul have their quirky attractions (and the latter always ends before it resolves…).

The hazzanim of the Cantors Assembly are clergy who help create and curate the soundtrack of our Jewish lives--yes, of course, with music of the service, lifecycle celebrations, concerts and, for those separated from their communities during the COVID-19 crisis, all kinds of online content.

But it’s more than that.

My colleagues accompany their congregants through illness and joy, all kinds of education from preschool storytelling and singing, to Hebrew School and Day School, to choral conducting, to Bar/Bat Mitzvah to high school, to adult education of myriad forms, to nursing home teaching and programming. Some of them are principals of your religious schools. Some are pastors in your nursing homes and hospitals. Some serve in non-profits and excel at standing up for social justice projects. Many serve on far more boards and committees than a human can bear and often inject a note of Torah, niggun and/or humor into the proceedings, making sure that the ethics necessary to conduct the business of our many non-profit religious institutions remain central to their appropriate functioning.

I could go on. More importantly, my colleagues can and do go on. They sing and dance, and, perhaps most importantly, adapt to a rapidly changing social and religious landscape.

Meanwhile, we hope and pray you will join us and let us help you curate the soundtrack of your Jewish life, because every Jewish soul has a voice.

Let us help you find yours.

David Lipp