Though COVID-19 has forced us out of our shuls, it can't stop us from davening, from singing and from celebrating Jewish life together virtually. Below, you will find a fast-growing list of services, classes and other events in ALL DENOMINATIONS that can be found online. Clicking on the name of the community will take you to a more detailed look at that community's complete offerings, including whether or not they are egalitarian and will give mourners and those observing yahrzeit an opportunity to say kaddish.

Below the list, you can also add your community to the list. You need not be a CA member to add your community to this list. See you online, and G-d willing back in shul in the very near future.

CongregationCongregation Beth El Norfolk
United States
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Time ZoneEastern
Zoom Meeting ID209 882 480
Recordings AvailableNo
  • Weekday Minyan AM or PM
  • Shabbat: Friday Night Services
  • Shabbat: Saturday Morning
  • Havdalah
  • Classes
Other Classes/Eventszoom services for the end of passover: Tuesday, April 14th 5:45 - Evening services Meeting ID: 209 882 480 Wednesday, April 15th - Passover 7th day 9: 30 - Morning services Meeting ID: 927 759 450 Password: 270513 5:45 - Evening services Meeting ID: 209 882 480 Thursday, April 16th - Passover 8th day 9:30 - Morning services Meeting ID: 340 746 806 Password: 742723 10:45 - Yizkor 8:00 - Evening services Meeting ID: 584 078 568 Password: 474407
Other Classes/Events Dates, Times, Links

All classes given by both Rabbi Murray Ezring and Cantor Wendi Fried will be offered online at Facebook Live
All classes will resume 4/20

Rabbi Ezring's classes will be found at this FB page (Murray Ezring)
*Lunch and Learn will return on the first Wednesday after Pesach.
*Stories to Lift Your Spirits! From 1:15-1:30 pm, Rabbi Ezring will share one of his favorite stories each day. These will be stories of hope, joy and comfort. Stories will be shared every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting Hol HaMoed Pesach.
*A Word of Talmud: 10 minutes that may surprise you! 1:15 - 1:30 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Cantor Wendi's classes will be found on her FB page (Wendi Portman Fried)
2:30 - 2:45 pm - Cantor Wendi's Hebrew word of the Day
Every day we will meet to learn the "word of the day." In this laid back class, we will learn together how to identify the words most used in our prayers and in modern Hebrew as well. we will learn how to read, write, and recognize their meaning and learn how to say them fluently as well. We will meet on Facebook Live where I will be able to interact and answer questions as we go. Looking forward to learning with you!

Monday and Thursday -7:30 pm - Laila Tov!
Come Relax, Rejuvenate, and Unwind with Cantor Wendi and friends. These moments are for all ages. With story, song, poetry, and our nighttime prayers we will spend this time together winding down from another hectic day. Come be with us! We will be on Facebook Live.

Friday 11:30-12 - Shabbat Shalom Sing!
Come welcome in the special Shabbat time with Cantor Wendi as we sing our favorite Shabbat melodies together! (I will take requests if received in advance 😉 We will meet on Facebook Live.

Daily Minyanim
  • Shacharit
  • Mincha
  • Maariv
Weekday Shacharit Time07:15 AM
Weekday Mincha Time05:45 PM
Weekday Maariv Time06:00 PM
Kabbalat Shabbat TimeAt a set time each week
Kabbalat Shabbat Time05:45 PM
Shabbat Shacharit Time09:30 AM
Havdalah TimeAt the appropriate halachic time in our area
Additional DetailsRabbi Murray Ezring -
Contact NameCantor Wendi Fried
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