Download the Abayudaya Haggadah. Suggested donation of $18 per download. All proceeds go directly to benefit the Abayudaya community!


In the 100th year of the Jewish people of Uganda, called Abayudaya, the Cantors Assembly ventured on a mission there to build a sacred bridge of peoplehood and to explore the unique aspects and commonalities of our musical heritages. Additionally, several cantors also visited the emerging Abayudaya community in Kenya.

To retell our story every year, Jews gather on Passover and read from the Haggadah, which literally means “the telling.” It tells of our journeys, our struggles, and our ultimate redemption through the words of Torah. What a perfect vehicle for telling the story of the Abayudaya.


This Haggadah is but one of many end results of our mission, meant to enhance the experience of Jewish families at their Pesah Seder. This Haggadah is available to anyone who wishes to download and utilize this for a suggested donation of only $18. All proceeds from the Haggadah will go to directly benefit the Abayudaya communities, and may be used for such priorities as medicine, education, agriculture, direct food relief and much more.

Use it virtually: The complete text of the Haggadah, full of pictures, audio, video, recipes and so much more is ideal for your virtual seder but can also be downloaded and printed. 


Dayenu – What does the word ‘enough’ mean? Who can think of ‘ample’ when one is searching for the ‘essential’? This Haggadah includes the answers to such questions from members of the Abayudaya, who lack so many of life’s conveniences and even access to some essential elements of life. This recording is the familiar melody, sung by teens and young adults.

Hear the music of the Abudayah Jewish community

See the CANTORS ASSEMBLY Mission to Uganda and Experience the beautiful community of the Abayudaya​.

Just in time for Pesah, we are proud to unveil the official Abayudaya Haggadah, celebrating 100+ years of the Ugandan Jewish community.

This all-virtual publication features original photos, audio, video recordings and interviews from the Cantors Assembly 2019 solidarity mission to Uganda and tells the remarkable story of this special community. Links to the complete text of the Haggadah, plus recipes and much more make this the perfect addition to your seder.

This has been a labor of love from start to finish, but by none more so than producers Hazzanim Mike Stein and Jeremy Stein.

Suggested donation of $18 per download. All proceeds from this project will directly benefit the Abayudaya community.




Rabbi Benjamin Adler

Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

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Additional Video

Aaron Moses clip courtesy of “To Life, The Face of Judaism”

Marom, Uganda Birthright Trip courtesy of Marom, Uganda



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