Thank You for you interest in supporting the Cantors Assembly. Below you will find descriptions for the projects to which you can contribute. We thank you for all of your assistance.

Jeremy Lipton Fund for Cantorial Development and Innovation - Provide ongoing financial support for Cantors at all stages of their careers to access dynamic opportunities for continuing education and professional development.  The fund will also support innovative initiatives that benefit all members of the Cantorate and the evolving needs of the communities they serve;

Scholarships for Professional Development of Cantors - Assist cantors in adapting and strengthening their skills to better serve their congregations;

Scholarships for Cantorial Students - Sponsor a student in his/her cantorial studies;

Publications of Educational Materials/Liturgical Music - Underwrite the cost to compose and produce new materials designed to educate cantors, laity, and B'nai Mitzvah students;

Hazzan in Residence - Sponsor a guest Hazzan to officiate and teach at a congregation without a full-time Cantor;

The Cantors Chai 5K:  Promoting a Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit – Support an innovative vehicle to promote a holistic, healthy lifestyle for cantors, their congregations and communities while partnering with other organizations;

General Support - Direct us to apply your gift to our area of operation most in need.

Convention - Donations to help sponsor portions of our conventions


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