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The Cantorial Assembly [was] the perfect partner in our search for a new cantor. They were responsive to the specific challenges that we faced, sent us a stream of highly-qualified candidates, and assisted us with communications and the interview process. I began the process with no idea of how it would unfold, and was delighted both by the professionalism of the CA staff, the quality of their systems, and, of course, the superb chazzan we hired.

Nathaniel G. Lew
President of the Board

Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Burlington, VT

The help of CA Placement Services personnel, and the available materials, were instrumental in setting direction at the initiation of our Cantorial Search. The CA Placement Services is an obvious place to begin a Cantorial search. The materials (see “A Season of Transition”) are excellent, the staff efficient and available, and the candidates typically well-prepared. The search yielded the absolute perfect candidate for our community – can’t do much better than that!

Edward Levine
Chair, Cantorial Search Committee

B’nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton, FL

Cantors are not only masters of the Jewish musical and liturgical tradition--they are also a crucial link between that tradition and the Jews they serve. At Temple Beth AM we are blessed, with Hillary Chorny, to be led by a Cantor who serves the full spiritual and religious needs of the community, and who both uses her own lovely voice to transmit, and translate, our prayers, but also uses her authority and leadership to raise up others’ voices, in song and in prayer. It is hard to imagine our shul without her influence, care, mastery and wisdom.

Rabbi Adam Kligfeld
Senior Rabbi

Temple Beth Am, Los Angeles, CA