There has never been a more exciting time for the cantorial profession than the present moment. We are truly living through The New Golden Age of Hazzanut.

We cantors know that there is no such thing as a typical day of work. The Cantors Assembly is comprised of members who are the most diverse, talented, creative, and intellectual group of hazzanim that has ever served the Jewish people. Our members teach, comfort, entertain, and educate congregations all over the world. Over the past recent years, many of our members have sought out additional training—earning rabbinical ordination, chaplaincy certification, and degrees in education. The modern cantor is certainly an indispensable part of every Jewish community.

During the previous few years as the world dealt with the pandemic, the Cantors Assembly emerged stronger than ever before. As both the secular and sacred worlds moved to virtual platforms, the Cantors Assembly positioned itself as the go-to online destination for programming, resources, and opportunities for worship. Jewish communities around the world benefited from our collective talent and creativity, something that has endured even as the world has slowly returned to normal.

The Cantors Assembly is here to assist our members and congregations with placement—working to arrange the perfect match between clergy and community. We host conventions each year where we welcome the public to learn and sing with us. And we present countless online and in person programs where you will have the opportunity to connect, listen, and be inspired. I am humbled and honored to serve the Cantors Assembly as Executive Director, and I look forward to working with our incredibly dedicated group of officers and volunteer leaders who are deeply committed to tradition and service to K’lal Yisrael. Together we will continue to make our sacred vocation even stronger.

Each day, all of us in the Cantors Assembly take our motto personally:

Every Jewish Soul Has a Voice.


Hazzan Matt Axelrod

Executive Director