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Cantors are clergy who elevate

CANTORS ARE CLERGY who bring spiritual, sacred and musical leadership to our 21st century Jewish communities.

Cantors have been integral to Jewish life for over 2500 years.

Cantors give voice to the dreams and aspirations of our people through musical interpretation of Jewish liturgy.

Cantors craft a consistent, musical identity for each of our communities through an intricate blend of ancient chant, musical artistry and modern melody. 

Cantors shepherd both families and individuals through all the joys and heartbreaks of the Jewish lifecycle with compassion and sensitivity. 

Cantors engage children and adults alike with compelling learning opportunities.

Cantors eagerly collaborate with our clergy partners.

Cantors are trained professionals, supported in community and excellence by the Cantors Assembly.

Cantors are leaders whose primary mission is to ensure that our 21st century Jewish communities will thrive.


The Cantors Assembly promotes the profession of the Cantorate, serving our members and their congregations by supporting our colleagues in their roles as vibrant, engaging, vital clergy and musical leaders.


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For Congregations

We recognize how important it is to get your search right the first time, and we are eager to help in each stage of your placement process. To explore listing your congregation's position with our service, please click the link below.

For Members

Our placement service for cantors is for members only, If you are a member, please click the link below for further information.


The Cantors Assembly [was] the perfect partner in our search for a new cantor. I was delighted both by the professionalism of the CA staff, the quality of their systems, and, of course, the superb chazzan we hired.

Nathaniel G. Lew
President of the Board

Ohavi Zedek Synagogue, Burlington, VT

The help of CA Placement Services personnel was instrumental in setting direction of our Cantorial Search. The CA Placement Services is an obvious place to begin a Cantorial search. The search yielded the absolute perfect candidate for our community!

Edward Levine
Chair, Cantorial Search Committee

B’nai Torah Congregation, Boca Raton, FL

Cantors are masters of the Jewish musical and liturgical tradition and a crucial link between that tradition and the Jews they serve. It is hard to imagine our shul without our cantor's influence, care, mastery and wisdom.

Rabbi Adam Kligfeld
Senior Rabbi

Temple Beth Am, Los Angeles, CA

Listen and Learn with the CA

We offer numerous programs for the professional development of our members, as well as online classes for the general public and concert programs. An archive containing most of our programming can be accessed at the link below.

Shop for Music

Our ever-expanding catalogue of Jewish music publications includes best-selling volumes on music of the independent minyanim, a cappella for Jewish prayer, nusah for the High Holy Days, Shabbat and Festivals, in print, PDF and MP3 formats, Bar and Bat Mitzvah resources and classic hazzanut and much more.