If you knew that friends at another local synagogue had been stricken by some kind of catastrophe--hurricane, flood, earthquake, tornado, or mass shooting (God forbid!)--is there any question that you wouldn’t do whatever you could to help them?


Of course not.


Well, that’s how we feel about our friends in Uganda.


They are Jewish...not some lost tribe, as many think...but their community chose Judaism 100 years ago, and until this current crisis, have become stronger than at any other time in their history. Members of the Cantors Assembly went on a mission to meet this predominantly-Conservative/Masorti community in early 2019. We came away with a profound desire to not only maintain and deepen the relationships that we began there, but also with a sense of mission to continue to do everything in our power to provide for their general welfare.


But now, thanks to COVID-19, they’re starving.


It’s not the virus itself threatening them, it’s the government’s lockdown that prevents them from leaving their homes to get food. Conditions have eased slightly in the cities in recent days, but in the villages where most of the Abayudaya live, conditions are still very hard indeed.


They need our help desperately.


While they’re not exactly the Conservative shul down the street, they are committed to the same Jewish values and practices that we are. They’re just a bit further away. That’s why we’ve been able - in record time! - to amass a dedicated group of co-sponsors from within the Conservative/Masorti world and beyond to help spread the word about this fundraising event.


Abayudaya Unity is our attempt to help our friends at the shul over on the continent next door, so to speak. Cantors, rabbis & celebrity guests join together to help raise desperately needed funds to purchase food for the Abayudaya Jews of Uganda in this benefit concert event. To make a tax-deductible donation, visit www.cantors.org/Abayudaya.