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The best way to get a sense of what makes the Cantors Assembly unique and remarkable is to attend one of our national conventions. Imagine the glorious sound of hundreds of hazzanim joining together, harmonically, in song. We are passionate about the lifelong pledge we have made, to ensure the perpetuation of synagogue music and the sanctity that surrounds it. We are shlichei tsibbur - those entrusted with leading congregations in prayer. We balance a reverence for nusah and classical hazzanut with a commitment to developing musical styles that appeal to 21st century worshipers.

Throughout its history, the CA has dedicated itself to promoting and maintaining the Cantorate as a respected profession, one that remains attractive to talented, traditionally observant, and highly intelligent men and women who seek a vocation that will enable them to positively impact the lives of others. We have established high standards for entrance into our organization and expect our members to always represent us well to both the Jewish and non Jewish communities.

There is a special bond that unites cantors. We care for one another in ways that could never adequately be expressed in words. Yet, our concern extends to those we serve as well, young and old alike. Our publications include books that instruct laypersons to lead services as well as volumes consisting solely of congregational melodies. All are welcomed to our national conventions.

Continuity is on the minds of Jewish communal leaders worldwide. Music has proven to be a wonderful vehicle for bringing generations together. The work we do as hazzanim is holy. We share times of joy and sorrow with those we serve. The familiar voice of a hazzan who has led her/his congregation over an extended period of time is a constant source of comfort to a synagogue and its membership.

I am deeply honored to have served as executive vice president of the Cantors Assembly. I am impressed by the immense talent of my colleagues, and by their incredible ongoing commitment to this sacred calling and the synagogues they serve. With God's help, it is our fervent prayer that we will be blessed to eternally serve the Conservative movement and Klal Yisrael.

Hazzan Stephen J. Stein
Executive Vice President, Emeritus