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Al Hanisim (Solo)




The Max Janowski Society
Performance Edition (Digital Download)

Al Hanisim - (Solo arrangement)

A different take on a well-known Hanukkah prayer. It is easy to sing, with an engaging congregational melody that has a Chasidic feeling.

  • Sheet music (PDF format) for you to share with your performers.
    • For Solo, Congregation, and Piano
  • A synthesized audio file of the piece, and audio files that highlight the individual choral parts, to aid rehearsal preparation.

This product gives you a complete performance package, that includes the scores and audio files for rehearsal preparation, which you may freely distribute to your performers.  Your purchase includes permission for non-commercial performance. 

The proceeds from these sales are being divided between the Cantors Assembly and the Max Janowski Society, for the purpose of creating new editions of Max Janowski’s music, to educate performers, scholars, and future generations about Janowski’s musical legacy.

Latest revision: March 1, 2024