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Shabbat – Siddur for Youth




Shabbat - Siddur for Youth
(edited by Cantors Azi Schwartz, Josh Rosenberg, and Rachel Brook)

Prayer is a multi-sensory experience. The colorful pages of this book not only show the words of the prayers and what they mean, but also the structure of the service and its choreography. The musical selections include contemporary compositions commissioned recently by the PAS Music Center, as well as familiar melodies closely identified with the cycle of the Jewish year. We believe in the power of song and know that singing will help children learn the prayers, find meaning in the text, and help them become comfortable with the full range of Jewish music.

Park Avenue Synagogue wants all of the children in their community to feel like the shul belongs to them as much as it belongs to their grown-ups.  This book, along with Mahzor for Young Families (ages 2-6) and Mahzor for Youth (ages 7-10), have been made possible through the resources at Park Avenue Synagogue and the small editorial team.

Music tracks for every page of this book are available at

20% discount available on orders of 15 copies, or more (;330-864-8533)

**Not available for student discount**

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