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The Choral Torah: Five Books in Four Parts (Digital Download)




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In 5779, Cantorial student Josh Ehrlich composed one choral piece for each week of the Jewish year by selecting words from that week’s parashah and composing an a cappella setting in four-part harmony. This collection of 54 choral pieces, The Choral Torah: Five Books in Four Parts, is now being published by The Cantors Assembly as a resource for synagogues, day schools, camps, JCCs, university glee clubs and churches. Every piece uses one or two lines of text and includes a title page with word-by-word translation and transliteration so that the music is easily accessible to singers with all levels of Hebrew literacy. Every score features indicators of tempo and feel as well as markings throughout clarifying articulation, dynamics, and form. Finally, every song — crafted carefully with musical gestures to highlight the meaning of the text — is preceded by a program note that weaves together musical explanation and a d’var Torah. Drawing from eclectic influences of vocal jazz, barbershop, folksong, madrigals, musical theater and sacred music, this anthology is a must-have for your choir and your community.