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Dear Friends,

I hope you and yours are well. I'm going to make this short and sweet.

As hazzanim, we look for opportunities to both lead and deepen our connections to our communities. I noticed that USY's International Convention (online next month) is looking for a sponsor for a Koolulam experience for our teens. You know how incredible it feels to make music with others; let's support our teens as they have that experience - even virtually - and reinforce that we support all forms of Jewish music, and their own connections to Judaism.

While any amount is appreciated, I'm seeking pledges of $250 (my level) and $500 for a $5,000 CA-member sponsorship of the USY International Convention's Koolulam event. You can pay for your pledge below.

With your help, we can accomplish this quickly, and give our support to USY and our teens.
Cantor Paula Pepperstone