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Musical Siddur: Shalosh Regalim, A Sol Zim Anthology




Complete Musical Guide for those who lead services

The Magical Music of Sol Zim

His music has become part of the standard weekly repertoire for worship in temples of all ideological persuasions and are sung throughout the world. His music contains the “Nusach” of yesteryear and the new sounds of tomorrow.

All-new Congregational Melodies and Nusach

  • Festival Opening Prayers, Ma’ariv, S’firat Ha’omer, Hakafot, Hoshanot, Simchat Torah
  • Many New participatory K’dushot for Shacharit & Musaf Amida, All New Melodies and Nusach for Shalosh Regalim & Rosh Chodesh, Amida Repetition
  • Chords for Keyboard and Guitar for All Nusach & Cong Melodies
  • A 397-page Hard Cover Shalosh Regalim Musical Siddur