The Cantors Assembly is excited to present to you never before published music. An initial selection of songs is now available to you and more will be soon. We know this music will add a spice of joy into your congregation's life.

SOULAVIV is a group whose sound had become quite familiar to many Jewish communities on the West Coast a decade ago. SoulAviv, formed in 2007, is a four person Jewish vocal group with a  unique blend of folk, Motown, gospel, Memphis soul, and world-music grooves. Socially conscious lyrics mixed with deep spirituality, jubilant celebration, and a little California sunshine thrown in, make SoulAviv a unique musical force.

Cantor Steven Stoehr commissioned Rob Raede, who was vocals and guitar for the group, to take what was otherwise lead sheets and have it written out in parts so that Cantors could better utilize this music in their communities. Some is liturgical, some is celebration of life and some can be used for interfaith occasions of community building.

For this year's upcoming convention in Louisville the Committee has already scheduled a session so that we can all hear a live presentation of some of these songs. Once you hear it you'll jump at the chance to buy the music.

The pricing is very reasonable, the music are treasures and the reaction by your congregation will be priceless.  Simply search "SoulAviv" in the online store to explore the available selections.