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The Max Janowski Society – Max Janowski: The Great Works, Volume 1 – CD




The “Great Works” series is based on a set of new music editions prepared by Artistic Director and Conductor, Cantor Cory Winter, and Jordan Goodman for The Max Janowski Society, with the Hebrew lyrics adjusted to match modern prayer books. These new editions incorporate performance annotations, such as tempo markings and dynamics, that capture the detail of their original performances along with new English translations, which are written directly into the music score for the benefit of the singers.

The Great Works, Volume 1 - CD features the Kol Zimrah Jewish Community Singers, directed by Cantor Pavel Roytman; Cantors David Berger, Rachel Brook, Marcus Feldman, Susan Lewis Friedman, Jennifer Frost, Alexandra Kurland, Andrea Rae Markowicz, and Jay O’Brien, with pianist, Margo Schwartz-Newton.

The proceeds from these sales are being divided between the Cantors Assembly and the Max Janowski Society, for the purpose of creating new editions of Max Janowski’s music, to educate performers, scholars, and future generations about Janowski’s musical legacy.

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